Judy's Bio.

Judy was born in South Bend, Indiana. Her musical influence came from her father, who was a classical and pop pianist and her mother who played and taught flute, accordion and piano. The family moved to Phoenix, Arizona, her father performing in that area and soon, Judy became the main attraction, singing and playing percussion with him.

Judy was singing in a local band when Conrad Bachman, an actor/manager, heard her and said "Do you want to be a star?" While managing Judy's career he relocated her to California to record "What" and "You Turn Me On,". "You Turn Me On" was originally slated to be the "A" side of the record. Judy states, "I did not write the song, H. B. Barnum wrote it. He was an artist/producer/arranger in Hollywood that Conrad hired to make this record in 1968."

As Judy continued to sing in clubs in California, without her knowledge, the record was sent to England in the early 70's where it was played by DJ's at Leeds & Wigan Casino and became a massive hit. It was many years later, in the 1990's that Judy discovered, "WHAT" was number 23 in The Northern Soul Top 500 hits.

Northern Soul - The Song
Written by: H.B. Barnum & Judy Street

Judy says, "We wanted to tell the story of the Northern Soul dancer's lives. How they were excited to get off work at the end of the week and go dancing.
The hook to the song is (they loved to dance and they danced to love...nothing like a weekend of Northern Soul!).
Now 40 years later, they are still dancing and passing on their love of Northern Soul to the next generation."

Click on the image and read the lyrics. KTF

Now - here is Judy's performance of
"Northern Soul" LIVE in Blackpool, England
November, 2012