In Judy's Own Words

Here is Judy's account of WHAT really happened, starting with a brief synopsis of how she discovered her "#23 all time favorite Northern Soul hit single "WHAT" was being played in Northern England and all that followed. She ends with her much anticipated 2014 Cover Girl Tour that was cancelled.

From JUDY to YOU....WHAT Happened!!


Wigan Casino Cafe' Mural

The Wigan Casino Cafe is built upon the grounds where the original Wigan Casino stood. The mural that hangs on the wall in the cafe, depicts the classic records played at the Casino from 1973 - 1981.

Judy's hit record on Strider Records "What" is one of the featured 45s in the mural.

Click on the photo to see Judy's record in the cafe.


The History of Northern Soul

Northern soul is a music and dance movement that emerged, initially in Northern England in the late 1960s, from the British mod scene. Northern soul is also associated with particular dance styles and fashions that grew out of the underground rhythm & soul scene of the late 1960s, at venues such as the Twisted Wheel in Manchester. Back in the 60s and 70s sharp dressed young men and women would travel all over the UK to dance all night to rare records imported from the USA. The soul scene was especially big in the North of England, where towns like Wigan, Blackpool, and Stoke-on-Trent played host to legendary soul clubs.


Wigan Casino

The Wigan Casino was a nightclub in Wigan, Lancashire, England. Operating between 1973 and 1981, it was known as a primary venue for northern soul music. It carried forward the legacy created by clubs such as the Twisted Wheel in Manchester, the Chateau Impney (Droitwich), the Catacombs (Wolverhampton) and the Golden Torch (Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent). It remains one of the most famous clubs in Northern England.

Judy's number one hit was from the Wigan Casino in 1978.
The casino offered a selection of the top 100 Northern Sounds of all time and their poll was met with an overwhelming response. They were swamped with nominations for their top 5 favorites and it was a closely fought contest. After hours of scrutiny and compilations, Judy Street's WHAT on Grapevine narrowly triumphed over Eddie Parker's "Love You Baby". The casino extended their congratulations to Judy.

Click the image below to view the top 100 chart from the Blues & Soul Magazine of 1978.


Manifesto Magazine - 2005

Judy was pleased to finally meet Steve Handbury in Blackpool England in 2012. He had interviewed Judy via telephone for this article in 2005.

Video of this surprise encounter with Steve will be coming soon - so keep checking back!!

Click the magazine cover to read the PDF of the interview with Judy by Steve Handbury.


Togetherness - 2001

This was the first interview ( by Kev Roberts) - immediately after Judy found out that her single "What" was a MASSIVE hit in the Northern Soul genre.

Click on the magazine cover to read the PDF of Judy's interview.


Northern Soul - Top 500

Shortly after the 2001 interview in Togetherness magazine - Kev Roberts, who is also the author of the book - Northern Soul Top 500 - sent Judy a copy of this book. Judy's song "What" was not only featured in the top 500 it was #23 out of 500. "WHAT" a wonderful surprise!!

Click on the book cover to read the exciting info. on Judy's song.